Telenor Monthly Snapchat Package


GB Internet Data

Only For Snapchat


Days Validity


Rs. Including Taxes


Now, send memorable snaps and keep maintaining your streaks with your friends by activating Telenor monthly snapchat package that provides 2 GB internet data (only for Snapchat) for 30 days in just Rs. 5 including tax.

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  • Telenor Monthly Snapchat package, also famous as Telenor Free Snapchat offer, can be subscribed by dialing a simple code *915#.
  • Package shall be valid for 30 days including the subscription date and the subscribers will also be notified once the package expires at midnight.
  • This package is non-recursive, which means no deactivation code is required to unsubscribe from this offer as it will unsubscribe automatically after the expiry of its term.

Terms And Conditions

  • Multiple subscriptions within the same validity are not permissible.
  • The charging system will dedicate a specific amount of data consumption to opening different apps or websites. Once the data resources have been fully reserved, usage of another app/website may be at standard rates even if the resources are available as per its inquiry.
  • Once the consumption is started at standard charges, users will be notified through an alert that also contains some offers to stop the further usage of the internet at standard rates.
  • Alerts are also sent to the users on using 80% and 100% of their data resources to avoid consumption of MBs at standard rates.
  • An additional package that can save users from accidental standard rate charging:
ItemSupplementary offer
Price Rs. 6
Volume300 MBs
DescriptionCan only be subscribed once in a month
  • This package may change at any time as per Telenor’s policy.
  • Internet packages can only be subscribed in areas where a 2G/3G/4G network is accessible.
  • Internet speed may fluctuate on the basis of different factors such as the kinds of URLs visited, mobile phone, location, network service provider, etc.
  • This package is available for Telenor prepaid customers only.
  • If the resources have been fully utilized before the package expiry, users start consuming the internet at Rs 1/MB till the package expires.
  • This offer will not be renewed on its own after its expiry.
  • Call Setup Charges will not be applicable.
  • Price and resources associated with this package may differ on the basis of geographical location.