Telenor Weekly Easycard Mega


GB Internet Data

Incl. 4 GBs From 1AM-11AM


SMS For 7 Days


On-Net & 85 Off-Net Mins


Rs. Including Taxes


Telenor weekly easycard mega is a perfect choice to get stress-free connectivity for the entire week because the package provides 8 GB internet data (incl. 4GBs from 1AM-11AM), 2000 on-net minutes, 85 off-net minutes and 1000 SMS for 7 days in just Rs. 235 including tax.


  • This package can be subscribed by dialing a string code *001# or by visiting a nearby retailer.
  • Package shall be valid for 7 days from the subscription date and the subscribers will also be notified once the package expires at midnight.

Terms And Conditions

  • All Telenor prepaid customers can avail this offer.
  • Call setup charges of Rs. 0.13 + tax will also be applicable on each call.
  • Price and resources associated with this package may differ on the basis of geographical location.
  • Multiple subscriptions within the same validity are permissible.
  • Offer shall be valid for 7 days once it is re-subscribed within the validity.
  • If the resources have been fully utilized before the package expiry, users start consuming the internet at Rs 1/MB till the package expires.
  • Package will not be renewed on its own after its expiry.