Telenor Balance Save Code 2024 During Using Internet

Telenor, a widely spread network in Pakistan, needs to provide information regarding Telenor balance save code. The majority of its users face excessive balance reductions while using internet, and I know how problematic it can be when you don’t have enough recharge to call or SMS someone urgently.

Primarily, users unintentionally consume all their data because they either have not subscribed to any package or their package has expired without their knowledge.

If you’re facing this issue, don’t worry. Below, we explain Telenor Balance Save Karne Ka Tarika to help you save your Telenor SIM balance. You can follow any of them to resolve your issue.

Telenor Balance Save Code

Balance lock service is a great initiative by Telenor for its users. This balance-saving service can assist you in freezing your surplus data usage, and the best part about it is that it’s completely free of cost. You can avail it by using a balance save/lock code *7799#. It is well known by the term ‘Telenor ka balance save code,’ which will stop your SIM balance from leaking.

PackageBalance Lock Service
ChargesRs. 0

How to Activate it

  • Click on your mobile keypad and dial *7799#.
  • Comply with the steps that are appearing on your screen.
  • At the end, you will be asked to verify your subscription. Click OK to confirm.
  • Balance Lock Service has been successfully enabled by the network operator.
Telenor Balance Lock Code

If the above-mentioned code does not fit for you, try other solutions.

Telenor Bill Shock Offer

When your mobile data is on, and suddenly your internet package has been fully utilized, your balance starts reducing rapidly due to the consumption of MBs at standard rates. Bill shock offer is very useful because when your main package expires, you will be automatically switched towards this offer. By activating it, you can preserve a lot of balance.

If you want to know your remaining balance, give a plain read to this article on how to check Telenor balance.

Activation Code*503#
Data300 MBs
Validity30 days
PriceRs. 6

How to Activate it

  • It can be subscribed by dialing a simple code *503#.
  • After a successful subscription, the user will be rewarded with 300 MBs for 30 days.
  • Charges for this bundle are Rs.6 inclusive of tax.

Note: You need to activate this offer after every month.

How To Unsubscribe

The offer’s validity is 30 days, so it will be unsubscribed on its own after the expiry of the term.

PayG Blocker Package Plan – Balance Saver

This effortless method is effective in maintaining your account recharge. Under this method, you can verbally communicate with the network agent with whom you can discuss and get your problem fixed. Details on how to reach out to your network operator are as follows:

PackagePayG Blocker
ChargesRs. 2+tax
  • First of all, open your mobile keypad and dial 345.
  • Now press 1 to connect with a live agent.
  • Ask him to activate the PayG blocker package plan.
  • Soon, a confirmation message will be received, and your package is subscribed successfully.
PayG Blocker Package Plan - Balance Saver

How To Save Telenor Balance Through Mobile Settings

Most of the users are unaware that inappropriate mobile internet settings can be the reason behind their balance loss. At times, it happens that various applications run in the background, and they also consume a lot of mobile data during updates. So, if you are a person who keeps their data on, you must apply the following settings:

  • First, go to mobile settings.
  • Then tap Connections or Network Settings 
  • Now, you need to select Mobile Data. A list of applications will come up on your display screen.
  • Here, you can inspect the data usage history of all the apps.
  • Turn off data usage of such apps for which you don’t have an internet package.
  • Furthermore, you can set data usage limits by clicking Data On Warning.
  • You can also disable the tab of Allow background data usage.
Mobile Settings For Telenor Balance Save

It does not charge anything for applying this trick, and your balance will also be conserved.

Terms and conditions

  • Only prepaid customers are entitled to avail this offer.
  • It comprises all government taxes.
  • These codes, taxes, and prices are changeable at any time as per the company policy.
  • Biometric verification of SIM cards is compulsory.


It is a feature that allows users to prevent their SIM balance from being deducted unnecessarily while using mobile data.

It might be the reason that your mobile data is switched on, and you do not have any internet subscription. Turning off mobile data will do the trick for you.

You can check your message box because Telenor keeps reminding its customers about their data usage.

No, I have not found any complaint related to it. Instead, all the codes and methods are introduced for problem-solving. You should try and take full advantage of them.


Telenor balance save code 2024 and other useful methods to protect your sim balance have been discussed in detail. You can opt for any of them to solve your issue. If any method does not fulfill your objective, try other options. I hope it was worth reading this article and it made you capable enough to resolve your problem. If you are still in hot water, don’t shy away from asking your questions; I will be pleased to help you.